IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Steve Alexander


Water Department Lead, Steve Alexander, has stepped up to take on many of the responsibilities of the now defunct role of Public Works Director left open by Shannon Rowe’s departure last month. While the city is trying to save money by eliminating the Public Works Director’s position someone still has to do the job. That someone is Steve Alexander. With ten and one-half years of working for the city under his belt, Steve is ready to take on a more hands-on role and work closely with the mayor and Steve Jones who is taking on responsibilities of the also defunct position, City Manager.
Steve is over the Waste Management and has assisted Shannon Rowe with the Public works. He is confident in his ability to fill this position and has the support of Steve Jones and Mayor Slaughter. He works with the eight-man public works team. As acting City Manager Steve Jones and Steve Alexander coordinate with each other to ensure that priorities are set for the city. When the funds are available again to reinstate the position of Public Works Director, he will be the one to fill it.
Steve Alexander has lived in Trinity all his life and has a heart for the city, and it's needs. He lived here all his life, and married and raised his family here. is the proud grandfather of 5 grandsons and three granddaughters. As well as work to plug leaks and keep our city’s water running smoothly, Steve also drives the city’s garbage truck two days per week. He wants everyone to know that they can contact the city Public Works Department for any repairs or concerns that might need attention.