Chamber building’s new home

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The Chamber of Commerce building has been at the same location since 1985. The community built it to house the Chamber, but the ground it sat on belonged to someone else. The owner gave them a ninety-nine-year lease that lasted until they sold the land to Bill Miller. Miller charged them ten dollars per year until he sold it to the L.L.C. Properties of Spring, TX.

In May of 2016 grass grew higher than normal on the side of the building and was hard to cut because of standing water after heavy spring rains and a water leak, leading the property manager, to assume that they had abandoned the building. Maclvey told them that they had to pay rent or evacuate the premises. Julia McMichael called and found out the rent would be two-hundred dollars. The property owners sent them a lease agreement which was signed and returned with a six-hundred dollar check for June, July, and August of 2016's rent. After this, they lost their airconditioning, utilities increased, and large business donors stopped supporting them, resulting in a deficit and an inability to pay rent for nine months. In May of this year, the Chamber of Commerce received an eviction notice.

Last week the Chamber of Commerce building found its final home. The city of Trinity signed a ninety-nine-year lease with them and helped move them to the lot behind McDonalds. The city council voted to give them $10,000 to help with expenses and do repairs. Julia McMichael attended the city council meeting where the council voted unanimously to donate the money and help with repairs.