Lunch Pal Day @ Lansberry Elementary School


October 30 was Lunch Paw day at Lansberry Elementary School. Adults teamed up and aet lunch with elementary children. They spent time together listing their favorite foods, heroes, movie stars, and what each want to become as adults. This program is designed to show that someone cares and to encourage these children to strive to be successful. The mentors become Heroes for the Day by giving each child the joy and memory of someone taking the time to let them shine once a month.
Mentors are discouraged from spending anything on the students. They can buy lunch and eat with them if they desire. The purpose is that once a month someone encourages them toward future goals and wellbeing. Right now, the focus is the elementary school and when mentors are available, to expand into the other schools. Please contact Marie Vinson at 936-594-3567 ext. 2014 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested in the program. YOU can make the difference in a child’s life and it only requires a half hour a month.